Below are just some examples of the profile piece videos we have created across the past 12 months.
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An introduction to New Kids On The Blockchain and our first teaser for the feature documentary, set to be released in 2019.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The opening of the prestigious Vilnius centre, the latest in a long line of planned blockchain centres around the globe.

San Francisco, CA, USA

A profile piece on Token Fest, a state of the art two-day blockchain event held at the Palace of the Fine Arts

London, England

Reggie Middleton talks about Veritaseum, how it works , regulation and where he sees the next year ahead.

London, England

Jason Kelley, General Manager, IBM Blockchain Services discusses the blockchain's role in big business solving complex problems with their blockchain soloutions

Washington State, USA

A profile piece on Clif High and his work with the web bot program and crypto predictions. A high profile voice on YouTube and a fascinating man.

London Blockchain Expo, UK

A look at the number of ICOs popping up across the space, as shown from London Blockchain Expo

Tampa, FL, USA


A chat with YouTube crypto force Jsnip4 on why cryptos are the future and the recent dip in prices.

Las Vegas, NV, USA

When Lambo? Chris Coney from 'The Cryptoverse' tells us his thoughts at a recent meetup.

London, England

Derek Myers discusses  proof of work's drain on the planets resources and how a switch to proof of stake will help and how they are planning to help address the issue with an elegant blockchain soloution.

London, England

Campaigning to become a block producer for EOS. What it takes and what are the hurdles to overcome. Will EOS deliver?

San Francisco, CA, USA

Bill Barhydt from Abra talks about their mission to simplify crypto transactions allowing easier use and ultimately mainstream adoption.

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