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#B1June announcement summary. #EOS

Everyone is standing by to see what happens to the #EOS price now , after it continues to fall following #B1June announcement was considered a damp squibb by some, although you can see below a lot of quality news was announced, even if it was announced in a very lacklustre way.

Here's a brief summary of the announcements:

  • EOS VM - EOS VM will considerably speed up the EOS blockchain to 12 X what it was running at on launch, after the Wabit upgrade doubled speed in December 2018.

  • VOICE (New social network running on EOS )

In their own words 'We think social networking is due for a major rework. From the bot mobs, to the data tracking, to the shady algorithms behind our feeds, social media has not been a good friend to us.

Content creators can earn VOICE™ tokens to use within the eco-system to reward quality content, or get rewarding. Sound familiar? Some critics have said this sounds very similar to #STEEMIT, Dan Larimer's earlier creation.

  • Earn EOS as part of #coinbase's earn as you learn program

Earn up to $10 in #EOS for consuming education content. A great way to reward people for blockchain education and help spread widespread adoption.

  • WebAuthn keys announced a solution to the challenges of stolen or lost keys with the adoption of the WebAuthm standard.

You can watch the whole keynote here:

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