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Crypto is tanking...AGAIN!!! Steady your nerves!

Well it feels like we have been here before....or if you haven't you are probably having kittens right now. Your parents nest egg that you hastily ploughed into crypto for 'sure fire gains' that their 'safe pair of hands IFA' isn't capable of is tanking and it seems like the end of the world. Is it? Well probably not..but then again?

How do you explain to the noobs that this is part of the process? Well you can start by teaching them that history is the best place to look for future events. Also that they shouldn't be playing with money that they can not afford to lose in the volatile world of crypto currencies. Its hard to temper you emotions when everyone you see is making untold sums by farming their latest defi 'shitcoin' and laughing all the way to the bank...often with unrealised gains!

Take a breath people..steady your nerves and again question why you got into this space. If its for sure fire fast gains you may need to reevaluate !!

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