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Daily Crypto News Monday June 3rd.....

It's not looking that pretty out there!

The market has fallen back to just over $268B (3rd June 9am GMT) in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin (BTC) is down just over 2% to $8462 and most coins seem top be dropping in the top ten apart from Bitcoin SV (BSV) which is showing gains of over 10% in last 24 hours.

#EOS 'fails to wow' at #B1JUNE and dumps!

EOS continues to fall today , down another 7.5% to $7.31, after the announcements on Saturdays #B1JUNE event fell a little flat. I think this was more about the lacklustre performances of the presenters than the actual content , which was pretty inspiring - a new social network called Voice, as predicted by some, and a number of other massive improvements to the networks speed and scaleability.

Crypto Exec: #Bitcoin Ready To Blast Past $10,000, Tap $12,000 In 40% Boom

From #newsbtc a leading crypto exec thinks #btc is ready to blow past $10k and beyond to $12K

#Cardano (ADA) set to explode?

This article from talks about Cardano's potential to explode , following the launch of the test net.

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