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The old adage is when the taxi driver tells you to invest in a certain asset class its time to get out! We all remember late 2017 where everyone and their dog was 'making a fortune' (in unrealised gains) in crypto. You couldn't speak to anyone without them telling you to buy Bitcoin (BTC) at $19k as it was heading to $50K. Pundits were calling for $100k BTC , McAfee was ready to eat his dick live on TV if it wasn't a million dollars by 2020 , he has since retracted this on our show as a stunt against the Bitcoin Maximilists!

So here we are again...DEFI is exploding. Every token with DEFI attached seems to be mooning and UNISWAP has become the new 'Wild West' for decentralised exchange fun and games. Pool staking, yield farming. It's all going on! A recent ICO for Barter Trade (BART) sold out in 2 mins with the coin 10X'ing from presale crowd lucky enough to get in (myself included for full disclosure)

The real question is for the Crypto OG who saw the unrealised gains of 2017 disappear in a puff of smoke (Remember Populous?) is....HAVE WE LEARNED OUR LESSON? or will fear and greed win again? What can we do different this time? How long have we got for this new bubble to run?

Personally I feel like its got a good way to go yet and we are in July of 2017 type time in comparison to last bull run.

What do you think?

The New Kids On The Blockchain provide this as information only and it should not in any way be considered investment advice. ALWAYS do you own research and consult with professionals before investing.

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