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More selling pressure on #crypto market!

The #crypto market has continued to pull back over the last couple of days and now sits at just under $245B.

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#Bitcoin ( #BTC) is now sitting just over $7675, after pulling back from recent highs. Are we still in an uptrend , despite this recent pullback?

There has been further selling pressure on #Ethereum (#ETH) , which has fallen just under 4% to $234 after reaching recent highs of $250. Will it now fall back to $200 or below ? Some analysts claim we are heading for a significant pullback.

#Litecoin is holding fairly steady at around $116 , as we approach the #halving in 56 days.

The last time the #LTC block reward was halved it mooned, swill it be a repeat performance? There has seen some significant increase in the last month , but it has been also caught in the recent pullback.

#EOS has continued to fall and is currently way back form its recent high at $6.15, after falling back a further 3% in last 24 hours. Concerns about its centralisation have caused Weiss to reduce its rating to an A- in last few days.

Another exchange, this time Polish company Coinroom, has failed taking customers crypto with it. How many more will go before customers funds are safe to leave on exchanges. The phrase if you don't hold it you don't own it , becomes even more relevant !

IOHK, the parent company of #cardano announced a new roadmap in last few days with Charles Hoskinson tweeting that the much awaited and delayed #shelley network.

Many of the critics have called this project 'vapourware' and after many delays and Hoskinson's time bing pulled in many different directions, including a new blockchain with #Polymath, only time will tell if #ada can breakthrough to take its place as one of the leading 3rd generation blockchains.

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