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Any of us around in 2017 know how explosive the ICO market could be. IF...and it was a BIG if.. you got in at the right time and with the right projects that is...AND knew when to cash out.

After the bear markets of 2018 and to a lesser degree 2019, 2020 has exploded forth with a veritable sea of DEFI projects that could offer some HUGE returns...or see you get REKT by a series of scammers or exit scams.

At New Kids On The Blockchain we spend virtually every day talking to and surrounding by people up to their necks in deep analysis of the right projects to invest in. Our weekly show on YouTube also features some of these picks.

So , here are five we think could set you up if you get in early enough.

1) UNITRADE (TRADE) - Unless you have not been hiding under a rock you will know that UNISWAP , the decentralised exchange, is where a lot of the action is for the hottest new DEFI coins.  TRADE is the native token and acts as a platform token for paying fees. If the action on Uniswap keeps up the only way for this token is up with it !!

2) BITGEAR (GEAR) - Bitgear is HOT!!! With so many people calling it out as a one to watch it's one that should be on anyones radar looking for a solid project to add to their portfolio. It's an aggregator for everything digital assets, DEFI, 1-click tools and our very own proprietary arbitrage engine to earn and stake daily. Bitgear is also working on Interoperability between Polkadot-Ethereum DEXs. Exciting stuff !

3) BARTER TRADE (BART) - This was one of the hottest ICO's I have seen since 2017 with the main sale selling out in under 2 minutes. BarterTrade aims to provide a social and gamified experience in trading. Multiple features will be added along the way that will make trading a fun and competitive experience while maximizing trader's revenues. Keep. a close eye on this one. After a 10X on launch, it has fallen back and may be time soon to grab yourself a bag for the future.Solid roadmap and team with BIG plans so get in on the ground floor.

4) AAVE (LEND) is a more established and mid-cap coin. It's a non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol, that has become the second decentralized finance protocol to hit $1 billion in total value locked. The milestone means users have deposited $1 billion worth of assets into the protocol for lending and borrowing purposes. Look for a good entry point and hold for future growth.

Possibly not the immediate crazy returns of some more of the newer DEFI 'Moon Coins' , but a solid project with fewer risks.


Such a hot pick that after certain well known YouTubers touted this it doubled in value overnight. So what is it DeFi. Deflationary. Staking. Every transaction burns tokens and if you stake, you earn half of what is burned in proportion to what you have staked. Includes a Digital Advertisement Network, Investor DAO and Social Media Network.

It's smoking hot this one and you will only find it on Uniswap at the moment.

The New Kids On The Blockchain provide this as information only and it should not in any way be considered investment advice. ALWAYS do you own research and consult with professionals before investing.

Our weekly webshow airs Saturday 6PM BST each week for hot crypto picks and a lot more:


Also check out our feature documentary on the ICO explosion and crypto from 2017-2020. FREE to view on YouTube:

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